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MAYOR: <br />ROBERT BRUESCR <br />MAYOR PRO TEM: <br />GARY A. TAYLOR <br />COUNCILMENIBERS: <br />MARGARETCLARK <br />JA' IMPERIAL <br />JOEVASCUEZ <br />itu ,scmead <br />8838 E. VALLEY BOULEVARD • P.O. BOX 399 <br />ROSEMEAD, CALIFORNIA 91770 <br />TELEPHONE (818) 288 -6671 <br />TELECOPIER 8183079218 <br />MEMORANDUM <br />TO: FRANK G. TRIPEPI CITY MANAGER. <br />FROM: _ CARL - P. -HOLM _6k - -, <br />DATE: JANUARY_9_,- 1995 , <br />SUBJECT: 'JANUARY 5, 1995 - TRAFFIC COMMISSION <br />COPIES: DON WAGNER, ASSISTANT CITY MANAGER <br />JEFF STEWART, EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT <br />1. REORGANIZATION <br />The Commission voted unanimously to elect: <br />Chairman: Dan Tirre <br />Vice - Chairman: Bill Alarcon <br />2. TRAFFIC SIGNAL ON MARSHALL STREET EAST OF ROSEMEAD BLVD. <br />(Rosemead Square Shopping Center) <br />This was a resident request. This request was denied due to <br />the completion of a draft study recommending installing of <br />protected left turn signals for Marshall Street at Rosemead <br />Boulevard. Further review can be done if the City Council <br />votes to not install the signal. <br />3. VISIBILITY AT DRIVEWAY OF PARK VIEW CONDOS (Walnut Grove Ave.) <br />This was a request from Mayor Robert Bruesch. The Traffic <br />Commission voted to add 451of red curb on the east side of <br />the 1000 block of Walnut Grove Avenue. In adition, staff is <br />working with Consolidated Disposal to address trash bins <br />blocking a traffic land on trash days. <br />