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RESOLUTION NO. 2017-39 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br /> OF ROSEMEAD, CALIFORNIA, ESTABLISHING ANNUAL <br /> SALARY RANGES AND BENEFITS FOR CLASSIFICATIONS IN THE <br /> MIDDLE MANAGEMENT, PROFESSIONAL, AND CONFIDENTIAL <br /> SERVICE OF THE CITY OF ROSEMEAD <br /> WHEREAS, THE FOLLOWING classifications in the Middle Management, Professional <br /> and Confidential Service of the City of Rosemead ("City") are critical to the efficient and effective <br /> operations of the City, the City Council recognizes the management, supervisory, professional <br /> and/or confidential nature of their positions; and <br /> WHEREAS, employees in these classifications are exempt under the provisions of the <br /> Federal Fair Labor Standards Act; and <br /> WHERAS, the City Council desires to establish the compensation levels for <br /> classifications in Middle Management, Professional, and Confidential Service of the City; <br /> NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that effective beginning July 1, 2017, the salary <br /> ranges and benefits for the classifications covered by this Resolution are as follows: <br /> SECTION 1:APPLICABILITY <br /> Full-time Team Members in the following classifications are covered by this Resolution: <br /> Mid-Management, Professional &Confidential Service.Unit <br /> Administrative Specialist I Human Resources Manager <br /> Associate Planner Management Analyst <br /> City Engineer Public Safety Supervisor— Code <br /> Enforcement <br /> City Planner Public Safety Supervisor— <br /> Emergency Preparedness <br /> Code Enforcement Officer, Senior Public Works Manager <br /> Deputy City Clerk Public Works Superintendent <br /> Executive Assistant to the City Recreation Manager <br /> Manager <br /> Finance Services Supervisor Recreation Supervisor <br /> Senior Management Analyst <br /> SECTION 2: COMPENSATION SALARY RANGE ADJUSTMENTS BASED ON LABOR MARKET <br /> COMPARISONS <br /> A basic tenet of the compensation system is that the City will not provide annual across-the- <br /> board "cost of living adjustments" (COLA). Rather, the City will annually adjust salary ranges to <br /> the "target" of 95% of the average prevailing wage rates for similar occupations in the survey <br /> cities, provided that the City has the financial budgeted resources to do so. (Salary range <br /> adjustments will not result in automatic salary increases for Team Members unless the Team <br /> Member's salary rate is below the bottom of the salary range). This target of 95% of the average <br /> is based on the professionally recognized principle that a deviation of plus or minus five percent <br /> (+/-5%) constitutes a "competitive position" in the labor market. This is particularly true when <br />