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E M F <br /> ill <br /> 4 ROSEMEAD CITY COUNCIL <br /> Azif <br /> 'M-!,..PO nfr, <br /> i CIVIC PRI .E STAFF REPORT <br /> _______// <br /> ,NCORPORATED 1°9 <br /> TO: THE HONORABLE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL <br /> FROM: GLORIA MOLLEDA, CITY MANAGER <br /> DATE: MAY 11, 2021 <br /> SUBJECT: DISCUSSION AND CONSIDERATION OF A RESOLUTION <br /> EXPRESSING A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE IN LOS ANGELES <br /> COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY GEORGE GASCON <br /> SUMMARY <br /> Council Member Steven Ly requested an item proposing a vote of no confidence in Los Angeles <br /> County District Attorney George Gascon to be placed on the agenda for consideration. The <br /> District Attorney (DA) is an elected county official established by Government Code Section <br /> §26500-26543 and is responsible for the prosecution of criminal violations of state law and <br /> county ordinances occurring within the county in which they are elected. The Los Angeles DA's <br /> Office prosecutes felony crimes and misdemeanor crimes in unincorporated areas and in 78 of <br /> the county's 88 cities, including the City of Rosemead. <br /> The Los Angeles County DA's Office has a legal responsibility to execute laws enacted by <br /> voters or the state legislature. These laws protect the public and uphold prosecutorial policies. <br /> The DA also oversees investigation, apprehension, and prosecution of these in court. Los <br /> Angeles County DA George Gascon was elected as part of the November 3, 2020 General <br /> Election, capturing 54% of the Los Angeles County vote. Since his December 7, 2020 swearing- <br /> in ceremony, he has issued numerous special directives to reform criminal prosecutions in Los <br /> Angeles County. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> To date,the District Attorney has issued nine (9) Special Directives since assuming office as <br /> follows: <br /> SD 20-06: Pretrial Release Policy <br /> SD 20-06 sets forth new policies and protocols on pretrial release and the use of cash bail. The <br /> SD prohibits Deputy District Attorneys (DDAs) from requesting cash bail for any misdemeanor, <br /> non-serious felony, or non-violent felony offense. If cash bail is requested for other offenses, <br /> DDAs must recommend cash bail amounts that are aligned with the accused's ability to pay. <br /> Furthermore, bail and/or pretrial detention may only be considered if there are no other options <br /> to protect public safety and reasonably ensure the defendant's return to court. Additionally, <br /> AGENDA ITEM 7.A <br />